Coronavirus Updates

The health and safety of our learners and staff is a top priority for BOMI Education Canada. As the commercial real estate industry adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we wanted to share the following updates from BOMI Education Canada.


All course exams are now offered through the BOMI Learning Portal. Click HERE for more information.


BOMI, in collaboration with our testing partner, Pearson VUE, is pleased to offer an online exam option to complete your BOMI RPA® or FMA® Capstone Experience Exams. These exams are available for the online proctored testing experience through Pearson VUE’s OnVUE platform. This platform allows for 24/7 testing opportunities from your home using your own computers and Internet connection.

The OnVUE exam experience features:

  • A secure browser that prevents access to other applications/content during exams
  • In-exam chat and phone support
  • A system testing process that enables candidates to verify their equipment and access before scheduling the exam
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Bring-your-own-device policy (you may not use tablet, mobile, and touchscreen devices)
    • Note: Learners are responsible for verifying that their device works with the OnVUE software prior to scheduling the exam (there is no refund if you do not verify this)

For security purposes, learners taking their Capstone exams via OnVUE will be monitored via webcam by a live proctor. Proctors are in place to ensure exam security and will note abnormalities and other testing-related incidents that could impact final exam credit. Exams are terminated immediately if prohibited behavior is detected. These session events are logged and will be provided to BOMI for action as required following exam completion.

Per Pearson Vue’s OnVue policy, it is recommended that learners not use work computers because of firewalls that interfere with the Online Proctoring setting. You will need to make sure you are not logged into VPN and that there are no firewalls preventing access. It is recommended you use a different device or go offsite.

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Though many Pearson VUE computer-based testing locations are currently closed or constrained due to COVID-19, Pearson VUE and its centres are implementing proper precautions to protect the health and well-being of learners taking their exams during the COVID-19 pandemic, including engaging in social distancing, wearing face masks, and wearing disposable gloves during testing. More information on the steps Pearson VUE and its third-party testing centres are taking can be found here.

For the latest updates on testing centre availability and to schedule your exam, please visit Pearson VUE’s website. We suggest you check frequently for seat availability, which will increase as a result of the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and BOMI’s ongoing efforts to add more testing sites.


The printer that creates BOMI’s program certificates is still experiencing delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learners who have earned a certificate are being processed but delays in shipping and delivery are likely. If you need confirmation of credential achievement while we wait for the print center to re-open, please send an email to and request a Certificate of Program standing, which will be emailed to you. All graduates will still receive their graduate packets, as usual.


We are requesting that you send all correspondence to BOMI digitally. Please do not mail or fax documents to BOMI.  You can scan or take a photo of forms or applications.

Experience Forms are now fillable forms and can be emailed to These forms have been updated on the RPA®FMA®, and SMA® pages.

Continued Professional Development (CPD forms) may be emailed to


All course registrations can be done online. As always, cheques and money orders can be mailed to our lockbox:

CAD PO Box Address:

BOMI Education Canada

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Toronto ON M5W 0J3


BOMI Education Canada

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