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About Us

BOMI is dedicated to improving the skills of professionals with property, facilities, and systems responsibilities.

BOMI is known for its industry-standard designations:

  • Real Property Administrator (RPA®)
  • Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®)
  • Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®)
  • Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®)
  • High-Performance Sustainable Buildings (BOMI-HP®)

These designations act as letters of credibility in the industry, ensuring employers that prospective and current employees holding a BOMI designation are properly trained and have the experience to perform their jobs at the highest level.

BOMI Education Canada was formed in late 2019 to serve the training and development needs of commercial property professionals in Canada. BOMI Education Canada is led by a Board of Directors and supported by its partner, BOMI International.




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“BOMI Education Canada helped me by expanding knowledge and skills through education designed specifically for property and facilities management professionals. It increased my confidence to communicate effectively with co-workers, owners, tenants, company leaders, and other professionals.”
-Vlad Bakic, RPA®, Colliers International