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Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate

The Property Management Financial Proficiency (PMFP) Certificate is specifically designed for people who manage real estate assets. The courses teach you to take control of your assets and improve overall efficiencies by understanding all areas of investment decision making, and understanding how to analyze financial statements and construct productive property/facility budgets. Ideal for learners who are new to the commercial real estate industry or are upgrading their skills, the certificate program is a good way to begin your journey toward a BOMI designation.   Upon successful completion of all three courses, PMFP holders will be able to:

  • Diversify losses into gains
  • Make confident investment decisions
  • Develop strategic investment plans
  • Add value to a portfolio
  • Improve overall efficiencies
  • Construct productive property and facility budgets

Certificate Requirements

In order to achieve your certificate, you must complete three courses and achieve a grade of 70% or higher.

Required Courses:

Asset Management

Asset Management


Budgeting & Accounting


Real Estate Investment & Finance