Capstone Experience

The RPA® and FMA® Capstone Experience

Do you wish getting your RPA® and FMA® designation was easier? Faster? More efficient?

You asked. We listened.

The RPA® and FMA® Capstone Experience

Based on feedback from learners and industry experts, we’re enhancing our programs to help learners achieve their RPA® and FMA® designations faster and more efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Here’s what’s changing:

Course Exams

As of January 4, 2021, all course exams will now be taken in BOMI’s learning portal.

  • Learners can take their exam immediately after finishing their course – no scheduling needed
  • No travel time or expense, saving seven visits to a Pearson VUE testing center
  • Course exams are timed, but not proctored, reducing test anxiety

Capstone Experience Forms

We’ve modified the Experience Form for the Capstone program to require employment verification history only – no employer skill-evaluation required.

Use this form if you will finish your RPA® or FMA® designation by December 31, 2021.

Use this form if you will finish your RPA® or FMA® designation after January 1, 2022.

The Capstone Experience Exam

Maintaining program integrity and credibility is the highest priority for BOMI Education Canada. Under the new program, once all RPA® and/or FMA® course requirements are complete, learners will write a culminating RPA®/FMA® Capstone Experience Exam. The Capstone Experience Exam includes:

  • Two-hour, 100-question multiple choice exam
  • Proctored exam to be taken at Pearson VUE
  • Questions are application-based, using scenarios that rely on the learners’ three years of experience in commercial property and facility management
  • Optional Online Self-Paced Capstone Exam prep courses are available for the RPA and FMA

What if I'm currently enroled in the RPA® or FMA® designation?

Current learners can opt-in to the new Capstone Experience program. Those who wish to stay with their current program have until December 31, 2021 to complete their designation. Don’t finish by then? No problem! BOMI will automatically roll all active RPA® or FMA® learners, with their completed courses, into the Capstone program as of January 1, 2022.

  • New learners as of January 1, 2021 will automatically be enrolled in the Capstone Experience program.
  • Current learners received emails throughout January 2021 asking if they wanted to remain in their original program or move into the Capstone Experience program.
  • All current learner’s courses will roll into the new program. No action is required.