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BOMI International’s property management classes empower learners with the skills they need to be successful on the job. You’ll learn all aspects of operating a commercial building and maximizing net income while minimizing risk. Start with one class, earn your certificate, and achieve a designation.

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“The RPA® gave me the confidence to promote myself and be vocal about our industry. It led me to better opportunities, and I am now a portfolio manager overseeing approximately 2.2M sq. ft. nationally.”

-Lori Cruz, RPA®
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Our courses give you the know-how to succeed. We’ve designed our property management courses to elevate your career – from budgeting and asset management to design and maintenance – to name a few.  We offer ten property management courses:

Asset Management

Asset Management


Budgeting & Accounting

Design 1 website

Design, Operation & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I

Design 2 website

Design, Operation & Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II

Environmental Health Safety

Environmental Health & Safety Issues


Ethics is Good Business®, ShortCourse™

Law and Risk

Law & Risk Management

Leasing and Marketing

Leasing & Marketing for Property Managers

Managing the Organization

Managing the Organization


Real Estate Investment & Finance

Learn more about property management credentials:

Certified Manager of Commercial Properties

Property Administrator Certificate

Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate

Real Property Administrator Designation