Capstone Exams

The RPA® and FMA® Capstone Experience Exam

The RPA® and FMA® Capstone Experience Exam is an application-based exam reflective of your three years of industry experience. Once your RPA® and FMA® course requirements are complete, you’re ready for your Capstone Exam. The exam is not a cumulative final but a 100-question multiple choice test reflective of your three years of industry experience. This two-hour exam is a proctored exam taken through Pearson VUE, or online through OnVUE, a division of Pearson VUE.

Prior to taking your exam…

You must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement and the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct. Read them now to save valuable test time!

Scheduling Your Exam

Ready to schedule your Capstone Exam appointment? It’s easy! Schedule through Pearson Vue below or contact a Pearson VUE agent at 1.866.998.2664. A confirmation email will be sent after scheduling an appointment. If you do not receive confirmation, please get in touch with a Pearson VUE agent.

  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT.  You will need to create a Pearson Vue account or sign in to schedule your appointment online. Creating an account allows you to schedule/reschedule exam appointments, view testing history, and modify personal information. You will also have access to a variety of resources including a tutorial and practice exam, test center locator, and more. In order to ensure that exam results are linked to the correct student profile, it may take up to 24 hours to confirm a username and password after creating an account.
  • ONVUE.  You may use the online, proctored version for each of the Capstone exams. If you scheduled an exam through Pearson VUE and would like to change to OnVUE, you must first CANCEL your exam through Pearson VUE in order to see the online option.
  • PERSONAL COMPUTERS.  Per Pearson Vue’s OnVUE policy, learners should not use work computers because the firewalls interfere with the Online Proctoring setting. You will need to ensure that you are not logged into VPN and that there are no firewalls preventing access. Please take your OnVUE exam using a different device or offsite.

Want to review prior to writing your Capstone Exam?

BOMI offers an optional RPA® Capstone Experience Prep Course and FMA® Capstone Experience Prep Course.

To extend your Capstone Experience Exam eligibility, please use the Capstone Experience Exam Fee shopping cart above.

Capstone Experience Exam Extensions

If you need an exam extension for The Capstone Experience, you may extend your eligibility for an additional six-month period. An exam administration fee of $110 applies. This fee applies to the following scenarios:

  • No-show: Did not cancel or change an exam appointment with one full business day’s notice.
  • Retest: Failing an exam and needing to retake at a later date.
  • Extension: Wishing to extend the eligible period for other reasons

Unsure if your eligible to extend your eligibility? Call 800-867-6049 or email to ask an Education Coordinator.