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Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®)

The SMT® designation program helps you increase the operating effectiveness of your building and makes you more valuable to your organization. Designed to meet the needs of hands-on technicians and building engineers, the SMT® program offers instruction in technologies and trends in the maintenance field. The courses show you how to manage energy-efficient, environmentally sound, cost-effective building systems, including specific operating systems. Through this program, you’ll gain career-building skills and knowledge that will contribute to you being an integral part of your facilities team.

The SMT® designation is right for you, if you:

  • Have direct responsibility for major building systems
  • Supervise maintenance and other technical people in a commercial building
  • Work day-to-day with building service contractors
  • Help develop or hold responsibility for your department’s budget
  • Want to justify preventive maintenance to upper management
  • Need to guarantee that a building’s systems meet government regulations
  • Want to ensure that your building’s systems are running at peak efficiency

A Pathway to Earn Your Credential.

In order to achieve your designation you must achieve a grade of 70% or higher on each of the five courses.

Take a Course SM 1

Required Courses:

Air Handling

Air Handling, Water Treatment & Plumbing Systems


Boilers, Heating Systems & Applied Mathematics

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems & Illumination

Energy Management website

Energy Management & Controls


Refrigeration Systems & Accessories

Once you complete the SMT® program, if you take three additional core courses, you can get your SMA® designation as well.

Experience Requirement

There is no experience requirement to complete the SMT® designation.

Prior Education

For those who have prior education in an area that overlaps with the SMT®, you may be eligible to receive credit for one or more courses. To review the requirements, please refer to the Administrative Competency Chart, which outlines what is eligible and how you go about applying to get credit for a course. Those who have completed a College program specific to this area of study may be eligible to receive their SMT®.