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Fees and Payments

All graduates are obligated as part of their designation to participate in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The fees to cover your enrolment in the program can be paid annually or for the three-year cycle (discounted rate if paid on time with your first annual invoice). Upon graduation, you will be invoiced for your first three-year cycle.

The CPD fees cover a three-year cycle. During this time, you are required to earn your 18 credits. Once you have earned all 18 credits, you may submit the documentation outlining your credits. You may do this at any time during the three-year cycle.

If at the end of the three-year cycle, you do not earn 18 credits, there is a reactivation fee of $265 in addition to the annual fees required each year. You can go online and pay your reactivation fee. Once this has been processed, you will receive a subsequent invoice for the annual CPD fee requirement. Once you receive your invoice for the annual fees (or the three-year option), you can go back online and pay through our online system.

To check on your status, contact BOMI Education Canada:

647-256-1438 or 800-867-6049 /

Annual Fee $80
Two-Year Cycle $160
Three-Year Cycle $240
Three-Year Cycle – Discounted $200*
Reactivation Fee $265


*If you pay for all three years of your first CPD cycle within 30 days of your invoice date,  you are eligible for the discounted rate of $200.