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Property Administrator Certificate

The PAC provides information that property and facility managers need to manage the ongoing operation and maintenance of building systems and to maximize building efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The program also features applications and scenarios you can use to create building and facility budgets. This certificate program is ideal for learners who are new to the commercial real estate industry or are upgrading their skills. It’s a good way to begin your journey toward a BOMI designation.   Upon successful completion of all three courses, PAC holders will be able to:

  • Keep their property in top operational condition, both inside and out
  • Analyze and interpret financial statements
  • Add value to a portfolio
  • Improve overall efficiencies

Certificate Requirements

In order to achieve your certificate, you must complete three courses and achieve a grade of 70% or higher on each course.

Required Courses:


Budgeting & Accounting

Design 1 website

Design, Operation & Maintenance, I

Design 2 website

Design, Operation & Maintenance, II