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Designation or Certificate?

Certificates are sub-sets of the designations. In other words, the courses required to get one of the certificates are the same courses required to get one of the designations. The difference is that it takes fewer courses (three) to get a certificate than it does to get a designation (eight). The courses required for a designation cover a broad area of material while the courses required for a certificate focus on specific areas within the property or facility management field, hence the requirement for fewer courses.

Do you enrol in a designation or a certificate? It really depends upon your career objectives. If you intend to take all the courses required for a designation then enrol in the designation. To get your designation will take approximately 3 years. If you take 3 courses per year, a certificate can take as little as one year to complete. Have a look at the requirements for each of the programs and assess your time commitment and career objectives before you make a selection.

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Expand your knowledge and accelerate your commercial property and/or facilities management career with a BOMI certificate or designation. No matter what your experience, your aspirations, or your schedule, we have a program track that can take your career to the next level.