Exam Overview

Designation and certificate exams are computer-based and are offered at more than 65 Pearson VUE authorized testing centers in Canada.

The following is a summary of the key policies related to the exam process. There are more detailed descriptions of the policies in the Student Exam Handbook. The BOMI International designation and certificate exams are computer-based and are offered at more than 65 Pearson VUE authorized testing centers in Canada with testing appointments available Monday through Friday, with Saturday and evening appointments available in some locations.

When an authorized testing centre is not available within 80 km of the learner, a paper-based test can be requested. These requests are approved on a case-by-case basis. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and the number of “computer seats” will vary from one centre to the next. Availability is limited in most centres. Learners do not need extensive computer experience to take the exam. Exam questions and answer options are displayed on the screen and the computer records your responses and times your exam. You are able to change your answers, skip questions, and flag questions for later review.

Scheduling Your Exam

Students have a six-month eligibility period to schedule and take their exam. For self-study students, the eligibility period begins on the date of registration; for classroom students, the eligibility period, begins as of the first day of class.

Note: If you wait until the end of your eligibility period and the testing facility cannot accommodate your schedule and as a result you are not able to book an appointment within the eligibility period, you will be required to pay an Exam Administration fee to begin a new six-month eligibility period.

To schedule an exam appointment, enter your Eligibility ID to proceed with selecting a test centre, and scheduling a date and time.

Note: Learners logging on to Pearson VUE’s website for the first time need to allow up to 24 hours to confirm a username and password prior to scheduling. After the exam appointment is scheduled, you will receive a follow-up confirmation communication via email if a valid email address is available.

Exam FAQs

The exam is typically comprised of one-hundred randomly delivered multiple choice questions that must be completed in two hours. Total seat time for the exam session will be two hours and 30 minutes. The first 30 minutes provides time for the completion of an evaluation, acceptance of BOMI International’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct, and a short tutorial. Once your exam is completed, you
will receive an unofficial score report. An official score report in the form of an Exam Analysis, indicating your performance on each chapter, will be distributed by BOMI International five (5) business days after the results are received and any incident report is addressed.

The Ethics is Good Business® exam is the exception to our normal process as it is administered online using BOMI’s Learning Management System and can be written while at home or in the office as you do not go to a testing centre. The exam is also shorter with 30 questions.

Students will receive an e-mail confirmation informing them how to logon to the system within two business days of registering. Although the exam has been tested on multiple sites and platforms, the recommended software and hardware are: Microsoft Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, and a high-speed modem or network connection.

Upon receipt of the course registration fees, BOMI will notify Pearson VUE that a student is eligible to schedule an exam appointment. Students will receive an Eligibility Letter, via email or mail, from BOMI International providing notification of the student’s eligibility period and instructions on how to schedule the exam appointment. Be sure to check the name on the document you receive from Pearson Vue against your identification documents to make sure that they match, ALSO be sure that they have the correct course listed for your exam appointment.

You can confirm, cancel, or reschedule your exam appointment by contacting Pearson VUE directly but you must do so at least one full business day in advance of your scheduled exam appointment, otherwise it will be deemed to be missed and you will need to pay an Administrative fee to get schedule a new exam date. If you fail to appear for an exam appointment that you were scheduled to attend, and you did not reschedule or cancel in accordance with the policy, you will forfeit the full testing fee for that missed appointment. You will not be permitted to take future exams until an Exam Administration fee is paid to BOMI Education Canada. Refunds will not be given for exams not taken. All students seeking excused absences based on an emergency situation must contact BOMI Education Canada at 888-821-9319 within ten (10) days of the original exam appointment.  Leaving a message on the local test center’s answering machine is NOT an acceptable method of canceling/rescheduling your appointment. If you do not receive a confirmation number from Pearson VUE, contact them immediately to confirm that your appointment has been successfully rescheduled.  Please note that you cannot schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment by email.

You must receive a score of 70% or higher on the exam in order to pass the course and receive credit for it. If a student does not take the exam within the six month period, the student must pay an Exam Administration Fee to begin a new six-month period of eligibility. If you receive a score of 69% or lower, you will be denied credit for the course. In order to retake the exam, you will need to pay an exam administration fee prior to scheduling a new appointment.

What to Expect on Exam Day

It is recommended that you arrive at the test center 15 to 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam appointment. This gives you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. Your test session should begin within 15 to 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment.

Identification Requirements

The Test Administrator will request two forms of ID from students. Expired forms of IDs will not be accepted. The first and last names on each ID submitted must match the first and last names provided during course registration. If the name on the ID does not match, you will not be permitted to take the exam and the testing fee will be forfeited. Students must provide valid, unexpired ID with a signature and a photograph that looks like the student. If the student does not have sufficient ID, they will be turned away. Be sure to check the name on the document you receive from Pearson VUE against your identification documents to make sure that they will match, also be sure that they have the correct course listed. The acceptable forms of identification are as follows:

Standard Primary ID (name, photo and signature required)

  • Driver’s License
  • International Travel Passport
  • Identification card (national/state/province identity card)
  • Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
  • Military IDs (including spouse and dependents)
  • School ID
  • Employer ID
  • Professional License
  • Bank
  • Insurance Company
  • Local language ID (not in Roman characters) accepted only if issued from the Country you are testing in. 

Standard Secondary IDs (name and signature or name and photo required)

  • Any ID containing at least name and signature, or name and recognizable photo that meets above ID requirement 

Additional allowances:

  • Expired forms of ID are not acceptable; unless accompanied by valid renewal papers
  • European Union students testing within the EU zone, may also provide a valid, unexpired EU card.
  • If a primary ID is missing a visible signature (or has an embedded signature), the student is allowed to test as long as the other requirements for primary and secondary IDs are met.

Test Center Regulations

Nothing may be brought into the exam room with you. Small lockers are provided for students to secure purses, wallets, watches, keys, cellular telephones, pagers, etc. Lockers may not accommodate briefcases, laptop computers or large purses and bags. Considerations are made for comfort items that the Administrator must inspect (pillow/crutches/tissues, etc.).

Note: An embedded standard calculator will be available for use during the exam. Students taking the Real Estate Investment and Finance exam may use a hand-held financial calculator that cannot be programmed in scientific mode. Use of programming cards that offer directions on using the calculator are not permitted. The models referenced in the student textbook include: HP10b, HP10bII, HP12C, and HP19BII.