BOMI Education Canada provides its learners with a variety of courses and delivery options. Prices are set annually and typically do not change throughout the year. Classroom courses hosted by BOMI have registration fees set by BOMI Canada. Those courses hosted by a BOMA Local such at Toronto, Nova Scotia, etc. are set by the BOMA Local. For details on the BOMA Local pricing, please contact your BOMA Local directly.

Registration Details
There are two fees associated with taking a course through BOMI. There is the enrolment fee and the course registration fee.

Enrolment Fees
Learners can pay a one-time enrolment fee of $252 with the registration of their first course. This will enrol them in the designation or certificate of their choice. Once paid, there are no further enrolment fees charged as you register for courses towards the designation or certificate you have selected. Enrolment fees are non-refundable.

Alternatively, learners can pay a per course enrolment fee of $110. This is most common when individuals are only interested in taking one course or they are not sure if they want to pursue a designation or certificate.

If a per course enrolment fee is paid, the student can apply this amount ($110) towards the $252 first designation or certificate enrolment fee when they register for their second course. In this instance, they would pay the balance of $142 for the enrolment fee.

Registration Fees
Learners will pay a course registration fee in addition to their enrolment fee when they register for each course. The fees charged are determined by the delivery method. Learners can take the course by self-study, in class, or on-line. There is a different cost for each delivery option. Learners only register and pay for one course at a time.

For self-study or on-line learners, if you’re not happy with your decision to take the course, you can return the course material within 30 days and receive a full refund on the registration fees. For in-class courses, check with the host to determine what their cancellation policy is.

BOMI Price Sheet