Boilers, Heating Systems, & Applied Mathematics

In this course, you will examine the inner workings of boilers, controls, fittings, valves, and pumps and how they connect and interrelate. This course will teach you how to operate and maintain steam, hot water, warm air, and radiant heating systems. You will also learn the mathematical principles essential to operating these building systems.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the different boiler types, their components and control systems, and their operation and maintenance
  • Recognize, set up, and maintain a reliable and effective heating system
  • Calculate ratios, proportions, and percentages
  • Convert units of measure
  • Heating system operations
  • Mechanical components of heating systems
  • Thermodynamics as applied to heating systems
  • Basic mathematics needed to operate heating systems
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Measurement and Mechanical Forces
  • Thermodynamics
  • Energy Sources
  • Boiler Types
  • Boiler Components and Pumps
  • Boiler Controls
  • Boiler Operation and Maintenance
  • Steam Heating Systems
  • Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Warm Air and Radiant Heating

This course is available through the following delivery options:

  • Online Self-Paced
  • Collaborative Virtual Learning

This course applies to the following BOMI certification:

  • SMC – Building Systems Maintenance Certificate

This course applies to the following BOMI designations:

  • SMT® – Systems Maintenance Technician
  • SMA® – Systems Maintenance Administrator

USGBC Recommendation

18 GBCI continuing education hours towards the LEED Credential Maintenance Program.