Electrical Systems & Illumination

To safely operate and maintain a building’s electrical equipment, you must thoroughly understand the components of electrical systems and how to measure the electricity your building consumes. This course provides a clear understanding of electricity basics, the skills needed to measure electrical consumption, and the ability to recognize, set up, and maintain reliable and effective maintenance and safety systems.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain fundamental concepts of electricity and electrical circuitry
  • Employ metering devices to measure electricity consumption
  • Trace the path of power, from its generation at the utility to distribution throughout your facility
  • Comprehend electrical symbols used in block diagrams, schematics, installation drawings, and other construction drawings
  • Distinguish among the various types of wires, cables, splices, and conduit used in commercial properties
  • Describe devices and practices used in circuit protection
  • Summarize lighting principles related to measurement, efficiency, maintenance, and resource conservation
  • Install, monitor, and maintain motors and starters
  • Practice life-saving safety procedures, including lockout/tagout, when working with electrical equipment
  • Sources of electricity
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical circuits
  • Electric meters
  • Cables, terminations, and conduits
  • Light sources, fixtures, and maintenance
  • Electric motor basics and maintenance
  • Introduction to Electricity and Electrical Safety
  • Fundamentals of Direct Current Circuits
  • Fundamentals of Alternating Current Circuits
  • Electric Meters and the Measurement of Electricity
  • Building Power and Distribution
  • Wires, Cables, Terminations, Splices, and Conduit
  • Circuit Protection
  • Lighting and Illumination
  • Electrical System Installation
  • Introduction to Electric Motors
  • Electric Motor Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting Electric Circuits

This course is available through the following delivery options:

  • Online Self-Paced
  • Collaborative Virtual Learning

This course applies to the following BOMI certifications:

  • SMC – Building Systems Maintenance Certificate
  • BEC – Building Energy Certificate

This course applies to the following BOMI designations:

  • SMT® – Systems Maintenance Technician
  • SMA® – Systems Maintenance Administrator

USGBC Recommendation

18 GBCI continuing education hours towards the LEED Credential Maintenance Program.