Asset Management

Asset Management

Today’s property managers work hand-in-hand with asset managers and often serve as asset managers themselves. Expert education gives professionals the capability to build value in real estate assets, providing confidence to investors, owners, and building tenants. Make sense of your assets; discover the asset manager’s role, function, and place in real estate and business; and master the ability to outperform competitors.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Maximize market value for your properties and assets in any economic state
  • Manage troubled properties for profitable transitions
  • Recognize and seize opportunities missed by competitors
  • Build wealth, diversify investment portfolios, and fund returns
  • Take control of your assets and improve overall operational efficiencies
  • Asset management plans, including appropriate resources associated with the current economy
  • Financial and operational objectives, including audits and reasons for them
  • Strategies for retaining and attracting tenants
  • Troubled properties for sound decision making
  • Current investment analysis software
  • Includes 12 current case studies
  • Introducing Asset Management
  • Ownership and Asset Management
  • Developing an Asset Plan
  • Measuring Financial Objectives
  • Financial Audits
  • Property Financing
  • Selecting the Leasing Team
  • Selecting and Overseeing the Property Management Company
  • Property Evaluation and Enhancement
  • Acquisition
  • Property Disposition
  • Troubled Assets

This course is available through the following delivery options:

  • Online Self-Paced
  • Collaborative Virtual Learning

This course applies to the following BOMI certifications:

  • PMFPC – Property Management Financial Proficiency Certificate

This course applies to the following BOMI designation:

  • RPA® – Real Property Administrator
  • FMA®- Facilities Management Administrator