High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles

BOMI’s High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles course provides a comprehensive overview of buildings and exposes learners to the critical components of the sustainable ecosystem.  As an industry professional, you will gain insight on how to meet the imperative for sustainable building initiatives, stay abreast of new trends in greening, and effectively communicate the value of pursuing sustainable building initiatives.

  • Understand and tackle building performance issues that impact local environmental issues and global climate change
  • Integrate high-performance building standards and guidelines
  • Identify and overcome the hurdles to achieving true high-performance
  • Attain top-to-bottom organizational buy-in for sustainable building initiatives
  • definition of sustainability in the built environment
  • justifications for high-performance initiatives
  • market dynamics
  • resource management concepts
  • benchmarking value and standards for design review
  • building interiors and enclosure overviews (IAQ, resource management, facades, and roofs)
  • integrated systems and commissioning concepts (HVAC, lighting, and electrical)
  • water and waste system considerations
  • renovation and tenant improvement guidelines
  • sustainable contracting and vendor management principles (maintenance and purchasing)
  • transportation
  • engagement (communications and marketing)
  • finance/portfolio considerations
  • The Evolution and Impact of Sustainability
  • High-Performance Buildings and Market Dynamics
  • High-Performance Building Energy Usage and Management
  • Sustainable Benchmarking and Standards for Design
  • IEQ and Resource Management in High-Performance Buildings
  • High-Performance Exterior Building Systems
  • High-Performance Internal Building Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Systems in High-Performance Buildings
  • Sustainable Renovation and Tenant Improvement Projects
  • Sustainable Operating Plans for High-Performance Buildings
  • Transportation Alternatives to the Single-Occupant Vehicle
  • Influencing Behavior and Culture for Sustainability Engagement
  • Sustainable Goods Purchasing and Plans for High-Performance Buildings
  • Financing Sustainability Projects in the Built Environment
  • Action Plan for High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles

This course is available through the following delivery option:

  • Online Self-Paced

This course does not apply to any BOMI certification.


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